Great Success!

We want to thank everyone for coming down and supporting the REAL Free Trade Market.
Over 50 people came along to share and trade, and at least 300 people walked by throughout the day. It was really interesting to hear how everyone reacted to the idea of shopping for FREE, and to see how people shared their talents, gifts, goods, cooking skills, artistic influences, massage skills and more.
One example:
A well-dressed woman stops by, looks around the vintage clothing, and starts speaking with a girl at one of the stalls…
A: “Hey! This cardigan looks really nice”
B: “Thanks!”
A: “How much do you want for it ?”
B: “Its free!”
A: “HAHA, what do you mean, free?”
B: “Well, I don’t want money for it, you can just take it.”
A: “Huh?”
B: Today is about sharing and trading things. I don’t wear that cardigan
as much as I would like to so if you want to take care of it, please do!”
A: “But, I have nothing to give to you..”
B: “That’s OK, I enjoy giving things to others,”
A: “WOW! I’ve never thought of that before, that’s so nice.”
B: “Thank you. Enjoy your new cardigan.”
A: “Ooow, I will! Hopefully I can give you something too, next time!”
The REAL Free Trade Market was one in a series of weekend events held by Occupy Wellington at Civic Square & Jack  Ilott Green. To stay up to date about NEW upcoming events, check out our Facebook,

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