11/11/11 – People’s Parliament

click for high res. version

The Occupied Cities of Aotearoa invite you to join us at 5.30pm on Friday to participate in real democracy at the first sitting of the People’s Parliament!

In contrast to the Politicians’ Parliament at the Beehive, where a select few make decisions on behalf of everyone else, the People’s Parliament is an open public discussion forum in which everyone has an equal voice and decisions are not made on behalf of others.

The People’s Parliament is founded on respect for all people and equality for all voices. Together we can discuss the problems that face us locally and globally, and together we can generate solutions accessible to everyone.We believe the global problems we face require a global redesign that can only be achieved by the collaboration, cooperation and creativity of all the world’s people. This redesign is happening now in 2,500 Occupied Cities around the world, and we need your input.It is the people, not politicians, that are best qualified to create sustainable, healthy, happy communities. Together we can shape a future that is environmentally, socially and economically just for everyone.Come put your piece into the puzzle; join us 5.30pm this Friday!Auckland: Aotea Square
Wellington: Civic Square
Christchurch: Hagley Park
Dunedin: The Octagon

Click here to download the flyer if you’d like to distribute a few


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