Occupy Wellington in solidarity with CMP workers

Occupy Wellington expresses the utmost solidarity with locked out CMP Workers in Marton. Please see these two links for more details, please see these two links:


“The week before the lockout notice, the company put the workforce on annual leave and used this time to contact workers at home and induce them to sign individual agreements containing the new terms and conditions. In the absence of their union representatives, some 100 workers gave in to this intimidation and signed. These workers were also forced to leave the union before signing the individual agreements.” –

This is a clear example of private profit being placed above the needs of people. This must change.


One thought on “Occupy Wellington in solidarity with CMP workers

  1. Geoffrey Robert Burns says:

    “Over 100 workers are still locked out from work at the CMP meat works in Rangitikei, with the company refusing to budge from its unreasonable demand which cuts wages by 20 – 30%.”

    “In comparison, the workers have been incredibly generous in their offer – they are prepared to take a 10% pay cut.

    There is no excuse for workers to accept pay cuts while the company is still making a profit.

    The company has a bloody cheek, to put it mildly, expecting workers to accept such significant pay cuts and at the same time requiring them to sign individual contracts, in fact it is a gross insult to the intelligence of the workers to expect that they would willingly sign away their one avenue of advocacy when they are expected to worker harder for significantly less.

    I don’t care what the industrial relations legislation says about when a strike is legal or not legal when employers are treating workers so blatantly miserly, if ever there was a time for a general strike the time is now.

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