Round up from the Global Day of Action

30.000 people in Athens, Greece

32,000 people on the streets of NYC – dirty hippies should get a job!

We had a great day today as part of the global day of action in support of pro-democracy movements around the world. We introduced the human microphone to the lovely people of Midland Park. We got a lot of great press, which is refreshing. Check it out:

This comes in the context of all kinds of activities all around the world. Here’s the wrap-up from Wall St today  and a compilation of social media reports compiled by AdBusters (and check this sweet projection and this moving photo series).

News from the rest of the student protests around the world are slow in coming in but here’s a couple quick links for now:

28,000 people in Greece celebrate the anniversary of the student-led demonstration that overthrew the military junta in 1974 (7000 cops to greet them).

Occupy Seoul march against the Korea-US free trade agreement.

In Egypt, Tahrir Square is back in action today too, with diverse groups uniting to demand the military to hand power over to civilians.

And breaking news! two new Occupations sprung up in NZ today. Kia kaha to Occupy Pomare, and Occupy Marton camping out in solidarity with the locked out workers of CMP.


One thought on “Round up from the Global Day of Action

  1. Hilary says:

    Thank you for the work you are doing for Wellington and the world.

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