ANZCO Meatworkers’ Challenge to McDonald’s

Today (Saturday 3rd December 2011) at 12 noon Occupy Wellington showed solidarity with the locked out CMP meat workers by rallying along side them, their families and supporters outside of McDonald’s on Manners Street. This was just one of many actions taking place across the country to put pressure on the food giant to take some responsibility for the unfair treatment of these workers.

Over 100 meat workers have been locked out of their jobs for over six weeks now. They are being punished for not accepting an unreasonable decrease in their pay of 20%. Their employer ANZCO Foods is a primary supplier of beef to the McDonald’s food chain.

During and after the rally, Occupy Wellington helped raise funds around Wellington’s CBD for the locked out meat workers and their families, who collectively require $25,000 per week just to survive.

Many unions made an appearance in solidarity. Among these were: Unite, the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, the New Zealand Engineers Union and the New Zealand Nurses Union.

On Friday night Occupy Wellington also helped with a charity fund raiser quiz night to raise funds for the locked out workers and their families. The event was hosted by the New Zealand Public Service Association. Over $2,000 was raised on door sales alone, with more than 40 people coming to show their support.

“It was a good turn out and a great success,” said Darcy, who was among the organisers for both events. “It’s a sign of things to come to see how strong the solidarity of the workers in this country is. This is only the start, not the end.”

If you would like to donate to the families of the affected you can automatically make a $5 donation by calling 0900 LOCKOUT


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