This week @ Occupy Wellington

Action Meeting

Thursday evening there is an action group meeting @ Meow cafe @ 6pm. Calling out for people that haven’t previously been involved or not recently to come and get involved in planning for future actions and events.
The People’s Forum continues this Friday at 5.30pm

This week we will focus on ‘what are human rights?’ and our national vision statement.

The People’s Forum is founded on respect for all people and equality for all voices. Together we can discuss the problems that face us locally and globally, and together we can generate solutions accessible to everyone.

We must recognise that the problems facing the world today are the natural product of the institutions we have built. We can not expect the solutions to these problems to come from within these same institutions. The solutions must come from the people, united.

We believe the global problems we face require a global redesign that can only be achieved by the collaboration, cooperation and creativity of all the world’s people. This redesign is happening now in 2,500 Occupied Cities around the world, and we need your input.

It is the people, not politicians, that are best qualified to create sustainable, healthy, happy communities. Together we can shape a future that is environmentally, socially and economically just for everyone.

Fb event:

On Saturday we are celebrating Universal Human Rights day

An Occupy Global Day of Action for Universal Human Rights Day. Please come join us for a day of action to unite in solidarity with all people both globally and in Aotearoa, who are struggling for Justice, Freedom and Equality.

We are global citizens and it is important we recognise that our actions here can perpetuate the abuse of human rights for people on the other side of the world or demand their end!

Here, and all over the world atrocious abuses of human rights are being committed. Living in an era of poverty, war, terror, environmental destruction and shocking wealth inequalities we face a long road to create a world that looks after our planet and all its inhabitants.

Lets celebrate our faith that humanity IS capable of creating such a world!

We will begin with speeches in Civic Square then parade around the city spreading our message. Bring your voice, bring your heart, bring an instrument and dress up!!

Lets celebrate our faith that humanity is capable of living together in harmony, of caring and respecting each other and creating a world which looks after all beings.

There shall be Balloons, bubbles, music & sparkly stuff! It’s not just a protest! It’s a parade!
Fb event:

Sunday: Occupy Community Day
Come down for all kinds of activities in Civic Square this Sunday. There will be workshops and talks about how the DIY ethos is transforming our world for the better. The real free trade market will be on as always: bring anything you’d like to give away or trade – clothes, plants, food, artwork, mixtapes, whatever. Bring a plate if you’d like to share in the potluck lunch. We’ll have a kids zone set up so you can unleash them on us for the day while you enjoy the talks and workshops. And of course we’ll round the day out with lots of sweet local music.

There is plenty of space for more workshops so get in touch if you’d like to contribute: for more details.

Confirmed Schedule (stay tuned for more to be added soon)
* 10.30am: Beat Roots drumming and percussion circle
* 11.30: My Mihi – with Seth and Liz
*12:30: Patch Workshop – with Cherry
* from 1pm on: Bike repair – with Allan
* 1:30: Local Food Resilience – with Fredd
* 2:30: presentation on Pedal Powered Generators- with Robin
* 3:30: Practical and Creative Carpentry – with Darcy
* 4:30: presentation on Maker Movement- with RichB & RichF
* 5:00: Music

Workshop Details
My Mihi:
Mihimihi is a powerful and grounding Maori greeting practice.
The intention of our My Mihi workshop is to open up the structure, form and learning of mihimihi to make this practice of acknowledgement more accessible to people from different/ mixed/ confused cultural backgrounds.
Takes an inside-out approach with a focus on supporting participants to softly and playfully connect with their identities. We build strength and clarity in ourselves, so that we can express ourselves freely and powerfully.

Bike Repair:
bring your bike and learn how to fix or modify it!

Local Food Resilience:
A look at how cities are unprepared for peak oil and emergencies; learn some ways to re-green and re-food the city; brief intro to permaculture; info on setting up a garden, and making seed bombs. BYO seeds!

Practical and Creative Carpentry:
bring ideas and learn how to make them real, learn practical tips on how to build with wood.

Maker movement:
Rich B started out as an engineer making DIY hobby electronics, which soon turned him into an artist, and now he seems to be some kind of activist. He shares lessons from his experience and his philosophy on DIY everything.

Rich F is a local ambassador for the international maker movement: a loose collection of crafters and hackers and hobbyists that are reclaiming the power of production away from factories. He is particularly keen to talk about the coming revolution of 3D printing at home.
Fb event:


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