Day 10 – Morning Assembly

Tuesday 25th October 2011, morning assembly.

17 attending

Agenda formation;

Celia and Gary came past and had an informal meeting. An issue discussed was in regards to extending the open hours of the toilet. The response was that there was not funding within the council to facilitate keeping the toilets open longer. (at night)

Occupy welcome for the all blacks

Electricity will be reassessed within the general meetings if relations with the council improves and a group consensus can be reached.

Darren from the RWC was going to come by today to discuss how they are running the event/march on Wednesday.

Alistair suggested we need to establish council and police contacts. Paul Reid is an important point of contact.

Increasing relations with unions and/or any other supporting groups (outreach), needs to start happening. Create a Business/Organisations that support Occupy list on website?

Announced that is now up and running.


Raid Rumours:

A rumour spread of possible nation-wide eviction. The rumour came about as follows; Occupy Dunedin occupant Bert spoke to TV3 journalist Amanda Burns Francis who believed there was an eviction happening Tuesday nation-wide. Alistair talked to Amanda last night and found that she had heard the information from a Dunedin councillor who is not in support of

the occupy movement and the councillor had suggested eviction to the police.

Dunedin is fine there was no eviction there also.

John had an important message not to feel fearful but to go with what you feel within.

Rugby: Name – point raised
Izzy; A cleaning bee , banner for the equality fan zone, face paint.
Strypey; Darren from the council will be coming down today to discuss the festivities of tomorrow. Suggestion of pulling back camp to make space on the lawn, a hospo buffer-zone, offer food, facepaint, and photos. Also message for comms to get a message out on FB to ask people to bring food down for tomorrow.
Paco; discussed a shortage of food in the camp we would need more to cater for the influx of people. Talk of forming a dumpster sub-group committee.
This bought up the issue of money for supporting advocacy for events such as this. Needs to be discussed in further GA.

Need flyers more info to hand out etc… Callum offered free printing.
-The comms welcome AB’s statement was agreed upon.

Police and council liaisons came forward; Strypey, Ben, and John.
Union & Organisation outreach; Tali who is a union organiser for workers rights came down with the suggestion of creating relations with unions this was agreed upon with consensus.



Food Kitchen – Paco, Ben

Food/Water – Tom, Kat

Comms – subgroup

Council Police – Ben, John, Strypey

Hospo – Paul

Tomorrow’s event hospo – Strypey


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