Day 11 – 4PM Special Assembly

This assembly was organised urgently to decide what would be the best action over the request for Occupy Wellington to move all of their tents from Jack Ilott Green to make way for the All Blacks’ celebratory parade over winning the RWC.

However, just before 4pm news came through that due to the wet weather, the parade route had been altered to start at civic square, rather than by the rugby statue in  Jack Ilott Green, so there was no longer a request to move tents from  Jack Ilott Green.

There was disappointment from some occupiers who had wanted to engage in celebrations and offer face painting, food and beverages for the parade.

It was brought up that Capital E, which is located on in Civic Square, had booked much of the space of civic square for a Halloween party on Mon 31st of October, and the council has asked us to leave by then.

It was decided to hear views on this matter now and then report them back to the evening’s general assembly.

Views were ranged between a desire to compromise and desire to hold ground. There was an agreement that we wanted to continue occupying, but could share spaces. There were views expressed by individuals who wished to help capital E with the event, offering volunteer hours and activities such as face painting and decorations.

Further discussion was left until evening assembly.

A few people volunteered to liaise with the council on the Halloween party matter.One person mentioned that we should be looking into more solar charges so we can always have video cameras charged.


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