Day 13 – Evening Assembly

Evening assembly began with a summary of what the “Action” group had organised:



Occupy Your Mind Weekend of Open Lectures on Problems and Solutions for Economics and Environment






This weekend (29th-30th October) the Occupy Wellington movement is running a series of open lectures on problems and solutions for economic and environmental issues in Civic Square from 11am-3pm. Speakers include academics, professionals, and experts from the community. Lectures will address economic issues, including the proposed Robin Hood tax, the TPPA, the role of the media in the global financial crisis, as well as environmental issues, including offshore drilling, the Rena oil spill, and food justice. The lectures will be followed by performances by prominent local musicians. This initiative represents an attempt to stimulate the first steps towards a community-based democratic tertiary education platform.






            Saturday 29th October






11am:   Michael Williams (Worker’s Rights Campaigner): Rena – Causes and Consequences.



12pm:   Mike Smith (Environmental advocate): Economics, Oil and the Environment.



1pm:     Grant Brookes (Tax Justice spokesperson) – Introducing the Robin Hood Tax.



2pm:      Bill Rosenberg (CTU Policy Director): The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and its                  Likely Effects.



2.45pm: Dr Peter Thompson (Senior Lecturer, School of English Film Theatre and Media                            Studies): Media and the Global Financial Crisis.



3.30pm: Sarah Meads (Senior Policy Advisor, Oxfam NZ): Food Justice – Social Justice, Food                   and Climate.



4.30pm: Seth Frightening and Special Guests 












            Sunday 30th October






11am: Dr Andrew McGregor (Senior Lecturer, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences)                     – Ethical Food Choices



12pm: Mary Bryne (Fluoride Action Network NZ) Hazardous waste in the water



1pm: Jimmy Green (Generation Zero) – Youth and climate change



2pm: Miles Thompson – Understanding money in the social network



3pm: Newtown Rocksteady Unplugged with special guests Sam Manzanza and Matiu Te Huki



  • Next international news was read out – specifically the raids which happened in Oakland –
  • There was also mention again of raids the occurred in Melbourne and Sydney, and suggestion that we do something similar to Auckland. Occupy Auckland wrote and open letter to the PM of Australia condemning the raids.
  • An article by 3news was mentioned, after a comment by an occupier was manipulated. Occupier Chistopher had stayed at the camp 10 nights of 13. This comment was used to somehow suggest that Occupy Wellington was called a “part time protest”. Support was offered to Chris as his comment was completely justified.
  • A suggestion from Auckland’s comm team was brought up, that perhaps anyone approached by the media should decline comment and refer reporters to the comms team. This suggestion wasn’t popular due to several reasons. In no way do we want the comms team to seem like a spokesperson for Occupy Wellington. Each individual has the right to speak to the media should they wish, but perhaps they should think about what they might like to say and also ask to be refered to as an occupier, over a spokesperson. It was brought up that if the media wish to put a negative spin on the Occupy camps, they will do, regardless of who talks to the media. It was also mentioned that most of the mainstream coverage wasn’t too bad anyway.
  • A new method for organisation of working groups in the camp was proposed. There are three headings of working groups, all equally important. Homebase group, which includes hospitality and food groups. Comms group, which is responsible for press-releases and updating online platforms of communication. And finally, Action group, which is responsible for organising events. Everyone is able to write their name on a group as well as ideas on a blackboard in the info tent.
  • Action for November 5th planning is to be left until after Halloween.
  • There will be a Halloween party on Monday 31st Oct.
  • Capital E have requested we move our tents off the bottom field for their Halloween event. This needs to be done by 6pm Sunday. We are able to move the tents back on Tuesday the 1st of November.
  • A request for hot drink facilities at the info tent was made.
  • Complaints from passersby were brought up regarding the chalk on the pyramid sculpture. It was agreed that if this is offending people then it is probably not a good idea to do this. We will do our best to stop chalking on the pyramid on the side facing the library, and it may need to be brought up again to people who were not at this evening’s general assembly.
  • Friday the 28th workshops are:

10am –  NZ constitution workshop3pm – Patch making craft time

4pm – Queer communities and Capitalism

5:30pm – Halloween Critical Mass.

Comms team apologise for the delays in updating Coactivate with our meetings’ minutes.


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