Day 14 – Evening Assembly

General Assembly





Facilitator – Julia

Missing property



  • Roberts’s laptop has gone missing from his bag near the food tent – If you have any information please see Robert. It is an Asus Net book with broken hinge and a silver external hard drive.  Robert is willing to give amenity and pay to get his computer back.
  • Ryn is missing a camera interface.  A plastic piece that has cable ports on it.
  • Please keep your valuables near you as we don’t this to be a problem.






  • The space.  Let’s keep this place family friendly.  This involves alcohol drugs and keeping it tidy as we have been doing.



Communications Report



  • Website has taken a lot of time today so no international news.
  • We need to organise roles/tasks better.  This will be done through  This website is viewable to the public. It ranks jobs which need to be done in order of urgency.



  • Scoop has opened a blog for occupy –
  • We will have a second issue of occupy dominion post tomorrow.  If you would like to contribute to the third please contact  Especially details of other occupations in New Zealand.
  • Should we send an occupy Wellington delegation to Auckland?

Strypy is in Christchurch.  Do we have anyone in Auckland?  Skype?  Internet and power issues?

  • We are trying to consolidate our wish list on all platforms.  If you have an item for it please email it
  • Occupy Dom post has been covered out of people’s pockets.  Any printing help would be awesome.  Callum can perhaps help with this.

Actions Report

  • We have been pushing this weekend’s event “Occupy Wellington Community Education Initiative”.  We need a flier drop for this as soon as this meeting over.  Academic support for this has been awesome with this by providing lectures and spreading news.  This has got good feedback from national radio; they will be here hopefully to show the event.




  • This weekend 11- 5 both days of lectures and music – poster mission happening tonight



  • Next Saturday is November the 5th or Parihaka day



  • Next week we should be more organised on flyer release.







Other matters



  • Do we want a bicycle power generator?  Yes please.
  • We need to get $60 to 128 for the last two weeks (this is towards their power and gas that has been used cooking meals for Occupy Wellington).  This has been passed through consensus.
  • Today Ben has talked to three senior managers of the council today regarding the rumours of evictions.  He has discussed the capital E event and they are aware that Capital E is happy with us.  They are not going to throw us out without prior warning.
  • Is electricity an option?  This is not practical at this point.  The council is not willing to give it us and we can’t deal with a private company and the problems that this includes.
  • Actions should have a cell phone and email.

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