Day 15 – Evening Assembly

General Assembly





Facilitator – Joel and Martin




Joel ran through general GA processes for new people




  • We have a kiwi bank account with double signatory access.  This can be done online for ease.



  • $120.00 has been paid towards the Occupy Dom Post printing (Still need to pay  $159.00)



  • $60.00 koha to 128 for kitchen facilities.



  • Cillian, Kerry and Paco will audit Joel’s temporary bank account



  • We need to replace a tarp at $150.00






  • Ruby thanked the group for a successful day with Occupy Your Mind
  • Same schedule for tomorrow (open lectures 11-3 with music after)
  • More volunteers for the morning set up
  • Next weekend we have a parliament march on Saturday
  • Free market next  Sunday.  A money free market with trading and giving away.
  • Action meeting after GA every day
  • We would like a workshop to learn about Maori heritage. Kerry stated that Pakeha can identify with Tau iwi or “many tribes from outside”. We should contact Pipitia Marae to speak on the issues related to this land however this may not be possible. Tim and Ruby will action this.
  • Thank you to Mike who provided the microphone and speaker for today’s Occupy Your Mind






  • More flyers need to be handed out. Please take and distribute.
  • Coms meeting happen every weekday at 2.00pm at Clarks Cafe.
  • Website is being improved by Ryn.  Any info email  This is including a wish list and a how can you help list.
  • Suggestion board has been suggested.
  • Dom Post has released reports that make it sound like we are being threatened with eviction, this is not the case. We have had communication with the council and Capital E and we are running smoothly.
  • Coverage has happened on the Open University idea.  We need more help spreading the word. This includes facebook invites please.
  • We need more stories for Occupied Dom Post.  Please email
  • Second issue of Occupied Dom Post has been released –




  • Last tents need to move up tomorrow for Monday’s Capital E’s event.  Volunteers would be useful.  Please see Paco or Benjamin re this.



  • We are creating as better camp wish list.



  • Last night was a poor show for hospo.  We need more people to volunteer.



  • Last night an external camp person came making threats.  This was a bit scary for some people.  Please don’t feel afraid to call the police in this situation.



  • Today many tents were moved.  If yours was one then you should recheck your tent, to make sure it is gale proof.



  • Alex is now the focaliser for hospitality



Safe Spaces Policy



  • A safe spaces proposal was put to the general assembly and is as follows:
    • Occupy Wellington Safer Space Policy



To build a conscious and inclusive movement, we need to be aware of power structures that exist within the 99%. While in capitalist society the richest 1% hold the bulk of resources and power, there are hierarchies within the global majority.






We have no illusions that Occupy Wellington is free from all threats. By occupying this space, and participating in political debate, we take risks including state violence and monitoring. Though no space can ever be completely safe, we can still work towards creating an environment where people are both comfortable with challenging, and encouraged to challenge, oppressive behaviour.






This requires a conscious approach. It is difficult to establish and easy to destroy.






-To oppose all forms of oppression, we cannot tolerate views that openly support oppression. This means members of hate groups are not part of our movement.






-Sexual violence and harassment is not acceptable anywhere, and will not be tolerated here. We must respect physical and emotional boundaries, gaining active consent when engaging with people.



– Support survivors of abuse, believing them and keeping the space safe for them.



-People communicate a lot without intending to. Each speaker must take responsibility for messages they communicate, intended or otherwise.



-Responsibility to educate on the nature of oppression, and to point out oppressive behaviour, is collective. It should not be left to queers to challenge all queerphobia, women to challenge all sexism and so on.






-Facilitators should place priority on speakers from marginalised groups, or those who have not spoken before.



-Occupy Wellington is an alcohol and drug-free space.



Anyone not respecting these principles may be asked to leave the occupation.





  • No one raised any disagreements with this policy, however it will be brought to general assembly again tomorrow, so more people have an opportunity to have their say.

Number one priority



  • The idea of creating our “Number one priority” was brought up
  • It was mentioned that everyone has an individual number one priority
  • It was suggested that a separate assembly be used to discuss every individual’s number one priority

Robert’s laptop has been returned.


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