Day 28: Focaliser Meeting

Today: Topics discussed


  • We need to have an alcohol and drug free space, including being under the influence of. (To go to GA)
  • Can we make camp smoke free? (To go to G.A)
  • We need another food focaliser, and another hospitality focaliser (To GA)
  • Commonsense account only to used by food focaliser
  • What to do about cleanliness/ lack of? To lock the kitchen?
  • Entry; lets not hang out infront of info tent, make it easier to enter the camp. Welcoming area. (To GA)
  • Create a new place to hang out inside camp, infront of wharenui suggested
  • Alastair talked about importance of engaging people positively, helping people realise truth and not be afraid
  • Any resources needed: ask coms group to put online
  • Izzy to become on site to online communications manager?
  • Big banner making workshop, sticker making
  • Wishlist for positions: make a job list
  • Safer spaces needs a roster, two people at all times on site.
  • Need to make schedule for group meetings to go online and so everyone knows
  • Focaliser meeting to happen every saturday after dinner
  • G.A ‘s Sunday 7pm house keeping, G.As wednesday 6pm, Saturday ?

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