Day 3 – Breakfast in the Windy City

Kia ora koutou

We were visited by Tawhiri Matea this morning – the strong gusty winds, for which Wellington is infamous – blew down our communal tarp structure and broke a few tent poles. Fortunately this was just after the videographer from TV One had left ;) It was inspiring to see the community leap into action, weighting down anything that was at risk of blowing away, and giving camp a quick tidy and reorganise. If anyone can provide large tarps or tents; fresh, mature bamboo; or lengths of rope or strong string, that would really help.

We were also visited by some of the workers from City Care, who spruce up our city every morning, just as we were sprucing up our camp. They expressed some concern about our chalk art and messages on the stone of the bridge, and at one point a couple of policemen came down to chat to us about the issue. We reassured the workers that we share their desire to see the public area that we are using remains clean, tidy and well cared for, and the police were satisfied that there was no breach of the peace for them to address.

After later discussion with a man from the council Property team, there was consensus that any chalk that remained could be cleaned off at a later time. The man from Property also expressed support, pointing out the way mainsteam media have sensationalised some of the more militant demonstrations in Italy, and played down the hundreds of peaceful occupations like ours continuing around the world.

A generous man called Ken brought us down two pots of warm porridge, with milk and brown sugar, and a newspaper. After reading two articles about events at the Occupy Wall St base camp at Zucotti Park in New York, and other occupy events around the world, hearty laughter greeted a reading of the antics of Super Vaclav, the Czech vigilante who throws dog poo at irresponsible dog owners.

Morning assembly took place in the dream space, next to the maunga, the divided pyramid-like structure, with the pounamu peak (I’ll post notes from the assembly next). Although our dreams banner had blown down, it’s nice to meet in the sun on the tiled area, where passers-by can see into our community process. While we were assembled, a woman brought bags of muffins in for second breakfast. The support for the community for what we’re doing has been fantastic. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed, and in advance to those who intend to. Together, we are the 99%

He mihi aroha



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