Day 3 – Evening Assembly

I missed evening assembly to give a presentation about Occupy Wellington at the Open Ur Eyes documentary screening, held at the Southern Cross, which was really positive. While I was there I got a call from Occupy Auckland, and we now have confirmed lines of communication with them. Still working on getting in touch with comms teams in Otautahi (ChCH) and Otepoti (DnDn). After checking in with people who were there, the main topic of discussion was an offer from Occupy AK to share with us some of their funds. Some people felt strongly about exchanging resources with people directly, rather than having it mediated by money. Others pointed out that cash is already being spent by individuals on various occupations expenses (vehicle fuel, cooking gas, credit for the camp phone etc), and that some people are in a position to give energy in the form of cash, but not time. Consensus was not reached about whether to invite cash donations, or how they would be managed.

There was also a discussion about time management, and whether we use clock time to define when meals, assemblies, and events happen, or use natural time (sunrise, sunset etc). A consensus was reached to set the clock time of 10am for the next morning assembly, but to keep the discussion open. Other agenda items were deferred to the morning.


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