Day 4 – Morning Assembly

Before assembly, people got into subgroups to discuss what needs to be done today for different aspects of the camp. A TV One News crew turned up, and filmed the current state of camp, and the general assembly in progress. Some people also decided to give personal statements to them. During assembly a photographer came down from the Capital Times, and asked a few questions about what’s going on.

We had hospitality challenges this morning with a couple of difficult personalities who arrived during assembly. They too are the part of the 99%, and their behaviour can be seen as results of the social and economic power imbalances we are here to highlight. We had to exercise patience and compassion, and did our best to include them.

A quick summary of this morning’s assembly:

  • Consensus on rotating the person facilitating assembly – a different person each time
  • Opening round
  • Focalisers for aspects of occupation organising were reconfirmed and rotated as appropriate
  • Report backs from subgroups
  • Comms will ensure occupation SIM is always in a working cell phone, to be held by whoever is on hospitality, # is 022 6022 753
  • Other Occupations: we have comms with AK. AK intend to set up Occupy NZ wiki. Still working on contacting Otautahi and Otepoti
  • Community Outreach are working on suggestions for an organised day(s) of workshops and discussions, and call-out for more people to lead and participate in them, and to spread the word through their social networks about any events being held as part of the occupation
  • Food/ Water ask for people donating food to do their best to be inclusive, with options for vegetarians/ vegans, and those who are gluten-free
  • Camp will put up a white board with names and numbers of people with vehicles
  • Wellbeing will put up a white board with names and numbers of those with first aid training
  • Hospitality are asking people to volunteer for hospitality shifts through the day,  2 per shift, to greet and orientate newcomers, chat with passers-by, and generally keep an eye on camp
  • Discussion on how to deal with the growing numbers, and the pressure that’s being put on our current camping site. Consensus to hold the current camp space as home base, and spread the occupation into other parts of Civic Square, starting with rebuilding the big tarp communal structure on Jack Ilott Green, below the bridge.
  • There will be sign-making at 128 today to make our presence on and around the bridge more visible, please go down and help if you can
  • Further discussions of the money and time management issues, and report-back from someone who’s been at Occupy AK, were deferred to evening assembly

At this point I am stepping back from Comms focalising, and will attempt to get one of the other Comms focalisers to write up notes from the next few assemblies.

On a personal note, I really want to emphasise that we need people’s presence during the day shift, as much if not more than during the night. The potential exists to turn the occupation into a ‘people’s parliament’ with discussions about the many issues that affect different sections of the 99%, skill-sharing and knowledge-sharing workshops, art and music, and so much more. All this depends on having people to come down to lead and participate. We are the 99% – not just those of us already on the bridge, but all of you too!

He mihi aroha



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