Independent: (14/11/11) (14/11/11) (14/11/11) (14/11/11) (14/11/11)
NZ Harald – Occupy NZ: “Find the solutions together” (14/11/11)

Boing Boing – Occupy Wellington: whiteboard, camera, outrage, action! (31/10/11) – Occupy Worldwide in Christchurch (28/10/11) (video)
fearfactsexposed – Desperate denial will retuen to haunt Fairfax (23/10/11)
indymedia – Occupy Movement digs in around Aotearoa (21/10/11)
Unity Aotearoa – Occupy Wellington: a focus on the 99% (20/10/11)
Kiwiblog – Occupy Wellington (20/10/11)
Scoop – Occupy Wellington sets up camp in Civic Square (16/10/11)
Scoop – Occupy Aotearoa: A brief summary  (18/10/11)
Bat, Bean, Beam: Occupy Wellington (10/10/11)


Patience wearing thin for occupy protesters (27/10/11) (video)

Verso Books (ongoing)

Seen any articles which should be linked here? Got a blog covering the Occupy Movement? Uploaded some photos?
Send us a link to the source to with the Subject: “WEBSITE – MEDIA UPDATE”.
Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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