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A Beacon of Hope

Tena kotu katoa,

The times are calling to us: to the youth, the workers, the home makers, the investors, the politicians and the elderly alike, to vote in Saturday’s General Election; to exercise our freedom to move beyond selfish greed and demand a new deal; to demand that our island nation move on from the frontier tunnel-vision which treats our land and seas as a quarry for short term gains, while throwing away tax payer money to prop up and expand the increasingly redundant oil-based economy.

The times call for us all to heed the call of hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens, and millions across the world, for urgent investment in a job rich clean energy society.

The basic needs of all could be met by reinvigorating the principles of democracy, by everyone working together towards a nation that everyone can believe in: a nation that looks to the interests of its children and youth in the 21st Century; an nation that makes provisions for its ageing citizens; and a nation that retains control of its strategic assets such as its hydro dams, water reserves, and
banking system.

The times call for sea-change reforms in national economic policies, to stop subsidising the redundant frontier economy, the dinosaur motorway developments and short sighted energy projects.

The times call for all New Zealander’s to demand for community and local economic development as the home making backbone to build a nation resilient to the decline of cheap oil and its cycle of dependence the global economy and militarism.

This election will determine how well prepared and governed we will be as we face the challenges of the 21st. A new imperative for local and community economic development could engage our youth in a common enterprise like no other in the history of our Pacific island nation.

We must commit ourselves to building upon our nation’s proud heritage to forge a positive and innovative society, a decent regional neighbour and a beckon of hope in the 21st Century.

Alastair McKee, Wellington (23/11/11)
[with editing and additions by Robert von Garrett and the OW comms team, Wellington (24/11/11)]

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